Calling for Volunteers

We could really use some help this Saturday at the Pierce Property on Route 91. Our contractor demolished and removed the large falling down sheds for this new acquisition in December. He also piled and burned a huge tangle of brush and vines. Then winter set in before we could clean up. The goal is to get the property in shape for regular mowing.

The scrap metal, plastic, tires and stones can be consolidated on the shed slabs. The exposed roots can be cut and raked out. Downed limbs and low limbs go to the burn pile. Tools of the day include wheel barrows, drag tarps, trimmers and lawn mowers, plus pruners, loppers, rakes, shovels and such.

The property presently includes the Fish Market and house north of that, both located on the west side of Rt 91 Alton-Bradford Rd north of the Pawcatuck River and south of Ashaway Rd intersection. You can go up the one-lane driveway lined with stone masonry walls for plenty of parking near the work area.

New Trail Maps

Harvey Buford, chair of the Hopkinton Conservation Commision, has developed some beautiful trail maps for many of our properties. See the Hopkinton Outdoors page for more information and to download the maps.

The mission of the Hopkinton Land Trust is to protect the Town of Hopkinton’s rural character and natural heritage. This is accomplished by preserving land as open space through acquisition and conservation easement while maintaining, where possible, public access to these natural resources.

The Trust will: preserve open space, protect wetlands, ground and surface water, farmland, unusual and exemplary natural habitats, historical or cultural places of significance as well as scenic views through a program of sustained acquisition and stewardship. The Trust will provide public access for recreation and appreciation, and opportunities for research and natural resources education, where possible, on Land Trust properties.